Fun & Exciting Classes for Your Kids - Little Ninjas Program

Our classes are full of exciting activities specifically prepared for preschoolers aged 4-5. Our instructors at Karate Ken's are trained to communicate with children through our special method called "Edu-tainment" by teaching them fun and interactive activities with the necessary skills they will need. We encourage our students to have fun and learn things interactively but also keep with them the skills they can use even outside of school. 


For our students aged 6-7, our curriculum sets the foundation to prepare them for the Junior program for those aged 8-13. As Tigers, they will discover about our self-defense program, character formation, and the values of respect and discipline. 

Through our classes, we have instructors who are skilled in teaching our students about good manners, teamwork, and kindness towards peers. Our classes also include physical conditioning for coordination, fitness, and balance. Gradually, our students will also utilize muscle memory and strength. Our classes are set in a warm and friendly environment, making it suitable for our future Tigers to have the best experience. Sign up now!